OMS WMS CMS Solutions Guide


Ability Commerce: – Ability Commerce offers mid-market retailers a scalable, fully integrated suite of direct commerce functionality. Ability CCS OMS (Cloud and On Premise) goes beyond basic order management, handling the entire life-cycle of your daily business operations 00 from sourcing inventory to depositing funds from completed orders. POS and WMS with RF technology are included. CCS is PA-DSS validated for safe payment processing. SmartSite Ecommerce Platform is designed for speed, mobile enabled out-of-the-box, offered separately or fully integrated with CCS (real-time communication). They implement their own software, which is 100% USA-based and offers Amazon welling automation, digital marketing, catalog, and contact center services.
Acumatica: acumatica.comCustomer management, product management, and order management for small to mid-size companies with retail, e-commerce and customer relationship management capabilities.
Accupointe: accupointe.comDirect 500 handles eCommerce, order management, fulfillment, multichannel sales (B2B/direct-to-consumer), CRM, manufacturing, forecasting, accounting, and finance.  A Sage Software Partner.
Agiliron: – Sell in More Places but Manage in One. Grow sales by easily adding new channels, like Retail POS, Webstores, Amazon, Mobile stores, eBay and more.
Aptos: – Every order is processed the same way within Aptos Enterprise Order Management. Handles multichannel sales, sourcing, real-time inventory, shipments, returns credits and other logitstical tasks.
AssistCornerstone: – Customer service, supply chain, customer relationship management and direct selling solutions for cross-channel business management for small, midsized and enterprise class businesses.
Avectous: -Their Channel Management System, Order Management System, and Warehouse Management System seamlessly integrate sales channels, order processing, warehouse management, accounting, and customer relationship management.
Brightpearl: brightpearl.comManage inventory, accounting, customers, suppliers and fulfillment in an omnichannel business. Flexible solutions to handle sales (omnichannel and wholesale), purchasing, ecommerce, fulfillment, and reporting.
Celerant: – Our retail POS system lets you manage point of sale, inventory, integrated eCommerce, marketplace integrations, mobile applications, digital marketing and more through one flexible solution.
Channergy: – Manage Channels, Orders, Customers/Customer Contact/Profiling, Inventory, Purchasing across Ebay, Amazon, webstores, retail stores (with a built in POS). Easy to use and touch-screen friendly.
CIO Direct: ciotech.comA web-based order management solution and multi- warehouse management system designed for third-party fulfillment centers and multi-channel merchants. Easy intergration with eCommerce carts.
Circle Commerce:  CircleHub is the only completely adaptable OMS/ERP solution in the market, based on an approach honed in multiple markets and applications. Their slogan is “Starting where the others stop” — like many other packages, they have an extensive set of modules and interfaces — but their design allows the adaptation of CircleHub to each customer’s business processes. The top 100 firms in the industry have massive IT infrastructure to fit their system to their business – not run-out-of-the-box solutions. That’s a key reason for their success — with CircleHub the same “fit” is available to small and mid-sized merchants.
CoLinear Systems, Inc.: colinear.comThe easy-to-use “Response” system helps mid-cap catalog and internet retailers streamline the order management, customer service, warehouse, and fulfillment process.
Coresense: coresense.comManage POS, ecommerce, inventory , orders, and customers with a centralized database providing you with a real-time view of your customers and their business.
Datamann: InOrderInOrder is a scalable, full featured SQL-based order management package with a wealth of options to support customer response, ecommerce, order processing and warehouse management.
EES Companies, Inc.: – The POS/OE solution supports Phone or Mail Order entry, POS, Inventory Control, CRM, and Credit Card Processing. It is integrated with Simba Web for eCommerce.
Enspirecommerce: – Omni-channel order management, POS/mPOS, PIM, trading partner EDI, fulfillment from store or drop ship, and e-commerce solutions rapidly integrate with existing retail systems.
Epicor: epicor.comOrders from the counter, a mobile device or laptop, or online by the customer, they’re all tied to the warehouse, inventory management, and purchasing.
Episerver: episerver.comFor retail, direct, B2B, and wholesale, Episerver has built-in A/B testing and three kinds of personalization, marketing automation, customer service, and a customer management system.
Freestyle Solutions: — Multi-channel Order Manager handles sales online, via Amazon, from stores or your call center. Manage your warehouse, order fulfillment, customer service, plus back office automation.
GudTech, Inc.: retailops.comManage vendors, POs, products, warehouses, fulfillment, omnichannel orders, and analytics and reporting. Automate and streamline repetitive tasks, create cost-saving rules, update all sales channels automatically.
HSO: hso.comHSO and Microsoft Dynamics offer a cloud-based OMS/CRM solution with built-in intelligence and predefined business processes plus comprehensive customer contact, behavior, and order information.
IslandPacific: – One integrated system handles in store, online, over the phone, or by mail or dealing with B-to-B orders in a wholesale or franchise environment.
interlinkOne: – interlinkONEpro is a cloud-based SaaS solution equipped to handle all of your inventory, warehouse and order management needs along with digital storefronts and integrations.
Intershop: intershop.comIntershop Commerce Suite Offer your shoppers a seamless, personalized customer experience on every channel: online, from a desktop or mobile device, and in store.
JDA: Retail planning, store operations, manufacturing, and omnichannel retail solutions to optimize delivery, predict and shape demand, fulfill faster and more intelligently, and improve customer loyalty.
Kibo: kibocommerce.comCreate promotions, landing pages, and marketing content optimized for organic and paid search conversion from a single interface for intelligent on-site search and merchandising.
MACH Software: machsoftware.comA fully integrated on-line system designed to meet the order processing, purchasing, inventory management, CRM, marketing and accounting requirements of today’s multi-channel merchant operation. The system can include a fully integrated Point of Sale (POS) module, and an electronic catalog on the Web. MACH Software has successfully interated with more than 20 web platforms in dozens of formats from your in-house-created site to the mots well-know and sophisticated web providers in the industry. The applications are built on an IBM SQL-compliant database that runs on Windows, AIX and UNIX Server Operating Systems using Pc workstations or terminals.
MNP: – Active Series – A modular solution that includes PSM/Active (Buying and Product Management), OrderActive OMS, WMS/Active for inventory and fulfillment, and the IntraActive internet platform with customisable workflows. For over 15 years MNP hs provided enterprise softwrae for omni-channel retailers, direct marketers, and third-party logistics/order fulfillment service providers. Coupling a user-friendly, transparent business model with a strong work ethic, the company strives for mutual business growth.
Moltin: moltin.comAll inventory, orders, and customers managed in one place. Can create sales orders from wholesale requests, or automatically add them through your online sales channels.
Morse Data Corp.: –  Cost effective and modular, InOrder is the end-to-end ERP solution that serves as one central system to manage everything from eCommerce, customer response, campaign and list management, order/inventory/warehouse management, accounting, and reporting. InOrder is designed specifically for internet retailers, multichannel merchants, 3PL services and publishers, usually with ten or more users. InOrder handles web, phone, email, EDI, POS and catalog sales in real time for immediate and accurate inventory and order processing. InOrder may be cloud-based or installed on site. All of your data is stored in a single Microsoft SQL Server database.
Natural Solutions: naturalsol.comSecure state-of-the-art design and comprehensive services to meet all of your business needs. Customers experience seamless channel integration throughout the buying and service process.
Netsuite: netsuite.comUnified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce for more than 40,000 organizations for cloud-based, mobile-enabled and social sales, marketing, and fulfillment.
NewHaven Software: newhavensoftware.comFully interated solutions for eCommerce integration, point of sale, order management, customer contact and relationship management, inventory and purchasing, warehouse management, fulfillment, shipping and reporting.
Order Dynamics: tecsys.comOnline order management helps merchants  connect digital commerce to physical stores with real-time inventory to minimize shipping costs, manage OO/PIS, in-store returns and omnichannel fulfillment.
Order Motion: shipwire.comProvides order management software for a complete, fully integrated ecommerce solution, with prebuilt integrations with popular front-end shopping carts, ERP systems and warehouse management systems.
Peppler & Assocs.: peppler.comThe completely customizable Directions system handles call center and Web order entry, eCommerce, warehouse management, merchandising/purchasing, and marketing with financials.
Pulse Commerce: pulse-commerce.comOptimize Your Retail Operations, improve order turn around, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize inventory control and fulfillment costs to increase margins by 20% or more.
Quantum Retail: quantumretail.comOptimizes all processes from shopping through fulfillment, on a cloud-hosted platform for managing orders, purchases, inventory, fulfillment, and customer service, with a multi-warehouse fulfillment network.
Radial: Create seamless, unified brand experiences across digital and physical channels, devices and physical stores for order management, sophisticated order routing, fulfillment/transportation and actionable analytics.
ReadyCloud: Activate the apps you need to manage orders, shipping, returns, and CRM across all sales channels, then analyze data from a central, cloud-hosted platform.
Salesforce Commerce Cloud: Salesforce Commerce Cloud – Deliver “buy anywhere, service anywhere, fulfill anywhere” experiences with real-time inventory visibility, order lifecycle management, and allocation/fulfillment logic.
SAP Hybris: Give customers a consistent and meaningful experience across every channel. Create dynamic apps, convert more customers and save time with YaaS — an advanced microservices ecosystem.
Sellercloud: Integrates with multiple sales channels and marketplaces. Multichannel management of orders, purchasing, inventory, shipping, and accounting.
Sitecore Connect for Microsoft Dynamics 365: – Benefit from a seamless experience between online and brick-and-mortar channels, allowing retailers to analyse and personalize online experiences from the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP).
Stone Edge Technologies Inc.: stoneedge.comFull order lifecycle management. Order processing is a major strength, accommodating more than 2.5 million orders from one sales channel in a single day.
Terno & Assocs.: TernoVelocityComplete turnkey browser-based program to manage orders by mail, phone, web, and retail stores and support customer service, plus list management and extensive reporting.

Compiled and maintained by Ernie Schell, Email me to receive updates to this listing when they are entered.

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