We base our consulting services on the following principles:

Appropriate Solutions
Successful marketing and fulfillment systems must balance the needs of real-time transaction processing (in the call center and on the Web), customer service, fulfillment and distribution, and strategic analysis and reporting, often requiring well-integrated, multi-platform, best-of-breed solutions.

User "Ownership"
The best systems solutions require that the user, not the systems vendor, take responsibility for comprehensive systems management. This means that the user needs to:

  • make adequate and appropriate investments in IS staff and resources
  • work closely with systems vendors over the life of the system
  • make a commitment to understanding and supporting the applications platforms (hardware, operating system, and software applications) so that they can function effectively as an informed partner in the systems management process

Change Management
Systems must change as businesses change - and nearly all businesses do change (or else they slowly die). A system is not a static entity but should be a primary vehicle in managing change effectively and profitably. Users should be as committed to keeping their systems optimized as they are to keeping their customers happy and satisfied (the one is often the key to the other).

Effective Communications
Achieving optimum systems solutions requires effective communications among all the key players - users, vendors, management, and others. MSA can make sure that such communications take place on a regular and productive basis.

Professional Commitment to Direct Commerce
Last and certainly not least, we believe that achieving good marketing and fulfillment solutions requires professionals who are thoroughly familiar with the scope and the discipline of the sales, order processing, customer database, direct marketing, fulfillment, and distribution fields in the catalog, eCommerce, and direct marketing environment. We take pride in offering that kind of expertise. Our experience in this field - and our dedication to it - is what distinguishes us from other consulting firms and organizations.

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From a client:

Our system selection process went very smoothly and very quickly with your assistance. We NEVER could have done it this quickly and this well without your help. Thank you, Ernie!!

David Miller, World Pantry

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your holiday "peak" order
volume? Read THIS!
Ernie Schell 
From a software vendor:

One of the people who helped me with the response to the RFP you sent us made this comment: "This is the best RFP I have ever had to respond to."  The person that said that measures their experience in decades. When I asked "why" they said: "It flows, there's no redundancy in requests, it's easily understood, it obviously took some time, it's well- thought-out, it leaves little to question."