Coping with Peak Order Volume

Managing order volume ebb and flow never seems to get easier, does it?

Optimized Solutions
In addition to strong vendor relationships; good cash flow management; strong lines of credit; and a nimble, creative, and well trained staff, managing peak order volumes requires a battery of optimized solutions for:

  • order entry/customer service
  • eCommerce/mCommerce
  • affiliate management
  • shopping site feeds/integration
  • payment processing
  • demand forecasting
  • purchasing/procurement
  • inventory management
  • item personalization
  • fulfillment
  • back order management
  • drop-shipping
  • customer database analysis

Getting It Right
There are so many contingencies to account for, very little margin for error, and no time to step back and manage your options when you are "in the thick of it." That's where Marketing Systems Analysis comes in. We can help you prepare for the next big surge in order volume, whether it's Valentine's Day, Mother's Day/Father's Day, the summer season (for casual apparel, outdoor furniture, fun&sun products, and so on), or the fourth quarter 2011 holiday rush. The sooner you start getting your house in order and your team ready to spring into action, the better you will be able to get it right this time around.

Turn to us for:

  • a systems audit and evaluation of resources currently in place
  • strategic planning for improving your presence in each sales channel
  • streamlining order management
  • warehouse facilities and fulfillment assessment
  • optimizing of inventory management practices
  • user training evaluation and refresher training
  • on-site and consultative optimization of all operations and systems for order management, inventory management, eCommerce, and mCommerce

Short-Term... or Long-Term
We are available for a short-term or long-term commitment to helping you prepare for your next big holiday season! We also believe "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!" We will help you identify what you are doing right as well as what needs fine-tuning and what could benefit from a bigger overhaul. But don't delay-- the biggest mistake you can make is complacency, followed by procrastination (or denial).

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What's New?
From a client:

Our system selection process went very smoothly and very quickly with your assistance. We NEVER could have done it this quickly and this well without your help. Thank you, Ernie!!

David Miller, World Pantry

Had trouble coping with
your holiday "peak" order
volume? Read THIS!
Ernie Schell 
From a software vendor:

One of the people who helped me with the response to the RFP you sent us made this comment: "This is the best RFP I have ever had to respond to."  The person that said that measures their experience in decades. When I asked "why" they said: "It flows, there's no redundancy in requests, it's easily understood, it obviously took some time, it's well- thought-out, it leaves little to question."