Ernie Schell, Director,
Marketing Systems Analysis

A former Editor of Target Marketing magazine, he was software reviewer for Catalog Age from 1984 to 1992, and is the Founder and President of Industry Publications International, Inc., which produced annual editions of the GUIDE TO CATALOG MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE from 1986 to 2005.

Mr. Schell is a frequent contributor to numerous direct marketing publications and a popular speaker at direct marketing and fulfillment conferences on the subjects of:

  • choosing and using order management and fulfillment software
  • selecting and managing marketing systems
  • database marketing
  • conducting marketing systems audits

A consultant since 1985, he has helped over 200 catalog and direct marketing companies in the US, Canada, the UK, and Australia to:

  • specify, select, and implement customer database management and order-entry and fulfillment solutions
  • create profit-oriented marketing database programs
  • create enabling Enterprise Systems Plans
  • perform comprehensive Systems Audits

Trisha Tubbs, Director, SoftResources LLC
SoftResources has completed over 500 software evaluation and selection projects with public, private and not-for-profit companies and organizations throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Their clients have included Toyota, the Museum of Modern Art (NYC), Vancouver Olympics Organizing Committee 2010, Seminole Tribe of Florida, and the American Heart Association.

We rely on SoftResources for helping our clients with specification and selection of POS/Retail solutions, as well as financial, ERP, manufacturing, HR/Payroll, project accounting, and logistics/supply chain systems and applications.

Steve Mulaik, Partner, The Progress Group

Steve has over ten years experience as a consultant with The Progress Group, which specializes in custom warehouse design, optimization, and automation; material handling; and the specification and selection of Logistics, Supply Chain, and Warehouse Management Systems for companies such as J. Crew, LL Bean, Lands' End, GAP, Reebok, Williams Sonoma, and

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From a client:

Our system selection process went very smoothly and very quickly with your assistance. We NEVER could have done it this quickly and this well without your help. Thank you, Ernie!!

David Miller, World Pantry

Had trouble coping with
your holiday "peak" order
volume? Read THIS!
Ernie Schell 
From a software vendor:

One of the people who helped me with the response to the RFP you sent us made this comment: "This is the best RFP I have ever had to respond to."  The person that said that measures their experience in decades. When I asked "why" they said: "It flows, there's no redundancy in requests, it's easily understood, it obviously took some time, it's well- thought-out, it leaves little to question."