Multichannel OMS/WMS/CMS Guide (Solutions for Order Management, Warehouse Management, Customer Management)

Abilty Commerce: – Provides multi-channel retailers software and services for  the entire life-cycle of your daily business operations: purchasing, inventory tracking, order management,  fulfillment, accounting, and reporting.
Accupointe: – Direct 500 handles eCommerce, order management, fulfillment, multichannel sales (B2B/direct-to-consumer), CRM, manufacturing, forecasting, accounting, and finance.  A Sage Software Partner.
Agiliron: – Sell in More Places but Manage in One. Grow sales by easily adding new channels, like Retail POS, Webstores, Amazon, Mobile stores, eBay and more.
Brightpearl: – Manage inventory, accounting, customers, suppliers and fulfillment in an omnichannel business. Flexible solutions to handle sales (omnichannel and wholesale), purchasing, ecommerce, fulfillment, and reporting.
Celerant: – Our retail POS system lets you manage point of sale, inventory, integrated eCommerce, marketplace integrations, mobile applications, digital marketing and more through one flexible solution.
CIO Direct: – A web-based order management solution and multi- warehouse management system designed for third-party fulfillment centers and multi-channel merchants. Easy intergration with eCommerce carts.
CoLinear Systems, Inc.: – The easy-to-use “Response” system helps mid-cap catalog and internet retailers streamline the order management, customer service, warehouse, and fulfillment process.
Circle Commerce: – Integrate every aspect of your business -ecommerce, shopping channels, POS, order management, CRM, marketing, purchasing, products, WMS, and financials – to make data-driven business decisions.
CORE Technologies: – Multi-channel manager for marketplaces, webstores, retail POS, plus Order, Inventory and Customer management. Run locally or in the cloud. Easy to use and touch-screen friendly.
Coresense: –  Manage POS, ecommerce, inventory , orders, and customers with a centralized database providing you with a real-time view of your customers and their business.
Data Management Assocs.: – Our MACH order management system is fully integrated and designed to help you run a profitable business across all major customer touch points and channels.
Demandware: – Salesforce Commmerce Cloud supports mobile/social integration plus POS forpowering everything from commerce to marketing, customer service, community, and beyond.
Enspirecommerce: — Omni-channel order management, POS/mPOS, PIM, trading partner EDI, fulfillment from store or drop ship, and e-commerce solutions rapidly integrate with existing retail systems.
Episerver: – For retail, direct, B2B, and wholesale, Episerver has built-in A/B testing and three kinds of personalization, marketing automation, customer service, and a customer management system.
Freestyle Solutions: — Multi-channel Order Manager handles sales online, via Amazon, from stores or your call center. Manage your warehouse, order fulfillment, customer service, plus back office automation.
GoECart: – A one-solution omni-channel platform for fast, easy enterprise eCommerce with POS, OMS, inventory management, call center and CRM modules for multi-brand, B2B and B2C sites.
GudTech, Inc.: – Manage vendors, POs, products, warehouses, fulfillment, omnichannel orders, and analytics and reporting. Automate and streamline repetitive tasks, create cost-saving rules, update all sales channels automatically.
HSO: – HSO and Microsoft Dynamics offer a cloud-based OMS/CRM solution with built-in intelligence and predefined business processes plus comprehensive customer contact, behavior, and order information.
InterlinkOne: – Tying  marketing, CRM, inventory, pick/pack/ship and fulfillment together, providing web-to-print and storefronts to support fulfillment of physical and electronic materials and collateral.
Intershop: – Intershop Commerce Suite manages the customer experience, product information, customer data, personalization, cart and check-out, internationalization/localization, analytics and reporting for complex mid-market needs.
JDA: – Retail planning, store operations, manufacturing, and omnichannel retail solutions to optimize delivery, predict and shape demand, fulfill faster and more intelligently, and improve customer loyalty.
Kibo: – Create promotions, landing pages, and marketing content optimized for organic and paid search conversion from a single interface for intelligent on-site search and merchandising.
MACH Software: – A fully integrated on-line system designed to meet the order processing, purchasing, inventory management, CRM, marketing and accounting requirements of today’s multi-channel merchant operation.
MNP: – A modular solution that includes PSM/Active (Buying and Product Management), OrderActive OMS, WMS/Active for inventory and fulfillment, and the IntraActive internet platform with customisable workflows.
Monsoon Commerce: – Integrated solutions for mid-size merchants to easily manage inventory, orders, and fulfillment across channels; also intelligently prices products with patented pricing engine.
Morse Data Corp.: – Integrates all sales channels from eCommerce to POS and marketing on a single database, with a modular format for true real-time inventory and order management.
Natural Solutions: – Secure state-of-the-art design and comprehensive services to meet all of your business needs. Customers experience seamless channel integration throughout the buying and service process.
Netsuite: – Unified business management suite, encompassing ERP/Financials, CRM and ecommerce for more than 40,000 organizations for cloud-based, mobile-enabled and social sales, marketing, and fulfillment.
NewHaven Software: – Fully interated solutions for eCommerce integration, point of sale, order management, customer contact and relationship management, inventory and purchasing, warehouse management, fulfillment, shipping and reporting.
Oracle + Bronto: – Complete Commerce Marketing Automation for Profiling, Messaging, and Analytics for a complete customer picture to create targeted, behavior-based marketing.
Order Dynamics: – Online order management helps merchants  connect digital commerce to physical stores with real-time inventory to minimize shipping costs, manage OO/PIS, in-store returns and omnichannel fulfillment.
Order Management Systems, Inc: – Consolidate sales channels with modules for managing customers, orders, inventory, and marketing data. Search, display, export, update, and reference all customer data for all teams.
Peppler & Assocs.: – The competely customizable Directions system handles call center and Web order entry, eCommerce, warehouse management, merchandising/purchasing, and marketing with financials.
Pulse Commerce: – Optimize Your Retail Operations, improve order turn around, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize inventory control and fulfillment costs to increase margins by 20% or more.
Radial: –  Create seamless, unified brand experiences across digital and physical channels, devices and physical stores for order management, sophisticated order routing, fulfillment/transportation and actionable analytics.
ReadyCloud: –  Activate the apps you need to manage orders, shipping, returns, and CRM across all sales channels, then analyze data from a central, cloud-hosted platform.
SAP Hybris: – Give customers a consistent and meaningful experience across every channel. Create dynamic apps, convert more customers and save time with YaaS — an advanced microservices ecosystem.
Stone Edge Technologies Inc.: – Full order lifecycle management. Order processing is a major strength, accommodating more than 2.5 million orders from one sales channel in a single day.
Symphony Commerce: – Optimizes all processes from shopping through fulfillment, on a cloud-hosted platform for managing orders, purhcases, inventory, fulfillment, and customer service, with a multi-warehouse fulfillment network.
Terno & Assocs.: – Complete turnkey browser-based program to manage orders by mail, phone, web, and retail stores and support customer service, plus list management and extensive reporting.